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Synthesis of polymer monolith for bioanalysis of pharmaceutical compounds


Monolithic HPLC columns consist of single rods of continuous porous materials, they therefore require no retaining frits and they can be synthesized by simple in situ or “one pot” process. Consequently, the chromatographic behavior of monolithic columns can differ markedly from that of the conventional columns packed with spherical particles. Their wide applications in a variety of chromatographic modes such as GC, HPLC and CEC has stimulate our interest in exploring new preparation of theses phases for further use as achiral and chiral selector and support in micro HPLC. Three types of monolithic supports are currently available; namely inorganic polymers based on silica and more recently on carbon and zirconia, synthetic organic polymers such as polymethacrylates, polyacrylamide, polystyrenes-divinylbenzene and natural such as agarose and cellulose. Our research interest focus on achiral and chiral polymer and hybrid silica monolith

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